Verify where files are stored

The following script prints the storage locations of all files in a Project. This includes the cloud storage locations for private cloud data, and Encord storage location for local data in the Project. Knowing where your files are storage helps to cross-verify that all data from a cloud bucket has been added to the Project.



To learn how to view the storage locations of all files in a Dataset, see our documentation here.

In the following script, ensure that you:

  • Replace <private_key_path> with the path to your private key.
  • Replace <project_hash> with the hash of the Project you want to know the storage locations for.
# Import dependencies
from encord import EncordUserClient

# Instantiate client

user_client = EncordUserClient.create_with_ssh_private_key(

# Specify Project. Replace <project_hash> with the hash of your Project
project = user_client.get_project(

# Print Storage locations
for log_line in project.list_label_rows_v2():
    data_list = project.get_data(log_line.data_hash, get_signed_url=True)
({'title': 'chicken-egg_normalized.mp4', 'file_link': ''}, None)