3. Set up your Project and team



Ensure you have created a Dataset using cloud data, or local data before continuing.

After importing your data into Encord, a few more things must be prepared before you can begin labeling:

  1. Create an Ontology. The Ontology is used to label your data and define how concepts are related to each other.

  2. Create a Workflow template. Workflows establish how labeling tasks move through your Project and how they are assigned.

  3. Create a Project. Labels are created and reviewed within Projects. Projects tie together Datasets, Ontologies, and labels.

  4. Add users to your Project. Add annotators, reviewers, annotators & reviewers, project managers, and admins to your Project.

After completing these steps you are ready to import your labels, and ready to create new labels! Here are some useful links:

Clickable Divs Import Labels/Annotations Start your Project Video Tutorials



You can use Label Logs to learn about user statistics and Project progress.