To authenticate with Encord you'll have to register a public key in the web-app. The app allows you to seamlessly upload an existing public key, or generate a public-private key pair. See our documentation here to learn how to do this.



Please make sure your private key is not password protected. All private keys generated on the Encord platform as described in our documentation will not be password protected by default.

After registering the public key, use the corresponding private key to authenticate your EncordUserClient. The code sample below needs to be included in all SDK interactions, and hence will be included in all code snippets we provide in these tutorials.



For security reasons, it's best practice to use the file path to your private key rather than the private key itself.

# Import dependencies
from encord import EncordUserClient

# Authenticate with Encord using the path to your private key
user_client = EncordUserClient.create_with_ssh_private_key(ssh_private_key_path="<private_key_path>")