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Training (Beta)

Encord's new Annotation Training feature - called 'Training' in the application - provides a novel way to train your annotation and operation teams, thereby improving the quality of your training data.

Annotator teams will be trained based on a benchmark project, that will serve as the 'gold standard' to which your team's annotations will be compared to. It scores the performance of each trainee based on various mertics allowing them to improve the quality of their annotations, and provide clear insights on the quality of their work.

See our training video below to learn the basics of the Annotaton Training feature, including:

  • How to set up a benchmark project
  • How to set up a training project, based on the benchmark
  • Tracking a team's progress

Please see our detailed step-by-step guides on creating, and working with training projects to learn more.


We are rolling this feature out into open availability in Beta mode. While it's already powerful and flexible enough to solve many problems, we're still working to improve this feature to handle all the various use-cases that may arise. Don't hesitate to reach out to if you encounter any issues while using the training functionality, or have ideas about how to can be improved. All feedback will be appreciated!