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After you or your team has generated labels, you can export them in JSON and COCO format. Labels can be exported from the Encord Web app or the SDK.

Export data from the Encord web app#

Click the Export tab inside a project to access the export screen. Configure the export operation by using the Export options, Configure data, and Export labels tabs as follows:

  1. Export options
    • Format: We currently support exports in two native formats, a JSON file with file metadata and labels organized per frame and COCO, a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset. Encord's native export format is described here.
    • Type: For JSON, select either or both the Classifications and Objects labeling. For COCO, select Objects labeling.
    • Generate signed URLs: (JSON-only) Turn on the toggle to generate signed URLs to allow the exported JSON files to open a data asset directly in the browser. Keep in the mind the labels are not available on the data asset, instead it's only the data asset as it was originally uploaded. Click and follow the link under under the "data_link" attribute to view a signed URL:
  2. (JSON-only) Use the Configure data section to select the objects and classifications to include in the export.
  3. The Export labels allows you to choose which assets to export labels from. Data assets that have polyline annotations in it are currently not supported in the COCO format.

The export button will queue the export process. Depending on the number of labels, the process queue may require a few minutes. Monitor the Activity menu in the upper right which will inform you of when the export is ready for download. Download files are tagged with a unique id for the project they're exported from and the time at which the export is made -- so there are no worries about previous downloads being overwritten by new exports.

Export data from the Python SDK#

Look here to learn how to export JSON files from Encord's Python SDK. Please reach out to us to request for exporting COCO labels.