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The explore tab, indicated with the magnifying glass icon, provides interfaces to help you understand how project's annotations are distributed amongst the data assets at both an instance and label level. It further allows you to deeper exploration by nested classifications on objects and frame-level classifications as well.

Instance statistics#

This section provides the total count of all instances across the datasets in your project.

  • Project total: Shows total instances (both objects and classifications) across the project by default. To get instance statistics for individual data files, click the dropdown to select a data file.
  • Select class: Shows the total instances for a particular class. This is a summary of how a given class is distributed across your project's data assets. The pie chart segments show a breakdown of how that class is split across the data assets.
  • Display timestamps: Flip the toggle to switch between frame numbers and timestamps for the labels.

Label statistics#

This is a summary of how your labels are distributed across the project. The pie chart shows a breakdown of how many labels there are for a given class.

  • Project total: Shows the total number of labels across different datasets in the project. To get label stats for individual data files, click the dropdown to select a data file.
  • Objects: Click on the pie chart segment of a class to see the total number of labels and its nested classifications (sometimes called nested attributes) if available for that class.
  • Classifications: Shows the global classification at project or individual video level. For example, location, time of day, etc.

Quick definitions of classes, instances and labels#

  • Class: Fundamental unit of the project's ontology. For example the ontology of a project annotating traffic videos could have classes such as Car, Truck, Bicycle, and so on. For more information on objects and classifications, see Ontologies Overview.
  • Instance: Specific occurrence of a class. Car(0) is an instance of the Car class, for example, it could be a specific black sedan. The single Car(0) instance can appear in a single frame or a range of frames. Therefore, instances may contain multiple labels across frames.
  • Label: An frame-specific annotation of an instance. For example the annotation of Car(0) on frame 201 is a label.