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Creating a new project

Project creation flow#

To create a new project, click the + New project button in the Projects view. This initiates the project creation flow, a simple step-by-step process for creating new projects.

1. Enter details#

In the 'Enter details' screen, enter a project title and optional description. A clear title and description helps keep your projects organized and helps collaborators find what they are looking for.

If you part of an organization, you will see an optional project tags dropdown. Project tags are useful for categorizing your projects. Select as many tags as are relevant to your project.

If you would like to enable multiple label reviews at a time, please press the 'Display multiple reviews' toggle switch. Please note this feature is currently in beta.

When you are happy, click Next.

2. Select datasets#

The 'Select datasets' screen is where you attach datasets to your project. You can select from a list of datasets you have already created, or you can create a new dataset by clicking the '+ New dataset' tab which initiates the dataset creation flow. Identify the datasets you would like to incorporate and click the Add button to attach them. Attached datasets will appear in a list on the right.

3. Select ontology#

The 'Select ontology' screen is where you specify your label structure (also called an ontology). Encord offers support for objects and frame level classifications, all with arbitrarily deep nested attributes.

You can reuse a pre-existing ontology, or create a new one by clicking the + New ontology tab which initiates the ontology creation flow. Choose the ontology you want to use and click Select to use it with the project. You can see the preview of the label editor sandbox on the right.

4. Create the project#

Once you are happy with your label structure, click Create project to complete the process.