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Video tutorials

This page contains video tutorials to get you started using the Encord web-app.

Creating a dataset

Video Tutorial - Creating a dataset

Creating an ontology

Video tutorial - Creating an ontology

Creating a project

Video Tutorial - Creating a new annotation project

Working with annotation projects

How to annotate

Video Tutorial - How to annotate

How to review annotations

Video Tutorial - How to review annotations

Label editor settings

Video Tutorial - Label editor settings

Managing annotation tasks

Video Tutorial - Managing annotation tasks

Monitoring the progress of your annotations

Video Tutorial - Monitoring annotation progress

Managing user invites and user roles

Video Tutorial - Managing user invites and user roles

Export data and labels

Video Tutorial - Exporting data and labels


Segment anything model (SAM)

Video Tutorial - SAM

Creating micro-models

Video Tutorial - Building micro-models

Comparing file formats in Encord

Video Tutorial - Comparing images, image groups, and image sequences