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Navigation bar

When you log in, what you'll see is your Home dashboard located in the Navigation bar at the top.

The left side of the Navigation bar allows you to navigate to

  • Home: your Home dashboard. An overview of your projects, datasets and activities
  • Projects: your Projects view for creating and managing projects
  • Datasets: your Datasets view for creating and managing datasets
  • Ontologies: your Ontologies view for creating and managing ontologies

On the right, you will find:

  • Notification bell (): shows the history and status of recent actions you've taken in the application, such as uploading datasets, training models, or exporting labels.
  • Dark mode switch (): click the icon to force toggle to dark mode, or vice verse, depending on the current state. Note that dark mode inherits from your operating system preferences and settings.
  • User profile menu (): provides access to organizations, user settings, this documentation, and the activity log.