Video tutorials

This page contains video tutorials to get you started using the Encord web-app. All tutorials can also be found in the relevant sections of the documentation.


Video Tutorial - Creating a dataset

Please see our documentation on datasets to learn more.

Video Tutorial - Creating an AWS integration


Video tutorial - Creating an ontology

Please see our documentation on ontologies to learn more.


Video Tutorial - Creating a new annotation project

Please see our projects documentation to learn more.

Video tutorial - Creating workflow templates
Video tutorial - Managing workflow collaborators
Video Tutorial - Exporting data from the Encord web-app
Video Tutorial - Monitoring annotation progress
Video Tutorial - Creating webhooks
Video Tutorial - Uploading annotator instructions


Using the segment anything model (SAM)

Video Tutorial - SAM

See our documentation on SAM for more information.

Using interpolation

Video Tutorial - Interpolation
Video Tutorial - Interpolation (DICOM)

Label editor

How to annotate

Video Tutorial - How to annotate

See our label editor documentation for more information.

Reviewing annotations

Video Tutorial - How to review annotations

See our label editor documentation for more information.

Label editor settings

Video Tutorial - Label editor settings

See our label editor documentation for more information.

Comparing file formats in Encord

Video Tutorial - Comparing images, image groups, and image sequences

See our supported data documentation for more information.

Encord Active

Video Tutorial - Natural language search in EA