Overview of Encord Index

Encord Index log

Index provides Encord's storage for your images, image groups, image sequences, videos, and DICOM. Once your data imports into Encord (locally or from cloud storage) you can create Datasets for your Projects based on your data. Your data can belong to multiple Datasets and Projects.

Use Index to visualize and curate your data.

When to use Encord Index?

Encord Index helps you visually understand and improve your data at all stages of your computer vision journey. Index does not just store your data, you can curate your data too.



Before going any further, you should know what a Collection is in Encord Index. Collections provide a way to save interesting groups of data units to support and guide your downstream workflow. For more information on Index Collections go here.

What data does Encord Index support?



Index supports analysis (Advanced Metrics and Embeddings) on images and videos up to 4K resolution. Performance is affected for images and videos over 4K.

For optimal performance, we strongly recommend downscaling images and videos over 4K to 4K resolution.

Videos import to Index at 1 FPS. You can specify specific frames you want imported from your videos. Contact us for more information on importing specific video frames to Index.

Data typesjpg, png, tiff, mp4
Number of images10,000,000 per Folder (unlimited Folders)
Videos2 hours @ 30fps
Data exploration
Similarity search
Off-the-shelf quality metrics
Image duplication detection
Outlier detection
Integration with Encord Annotate
Custom metadata