Create a Dataset from an Index Collection

Index supports creating a new Dataset based off of a Collection, with the option of creating a Project in Annotate with the Dataset attached to the Project.

Create a Dataset

Creating a Dataset from an Index Collection gives you flexibility handling your annotation Projects. You can create subsets of your entire Project's data to then attach to your existing Annotate Projects or create a new Annotate Project with the new Dataset attached to the Project.



All Datasets and Annotate Projects created from Collections are created under the user account that sends the Collection to Annotate. This means that that user must provide access to the Datasets and Annotate Projects to other users. Even Collection creators do not have access to Datasets and Annotate Projects until the user who sends the Collection to Annotate (and creates a Dataset or Project) grants access.

To create a Dataset from an Index Collection:

  1. Log in to the Encord platform.
    The landing page for the Encord platform appears.

  2. Go to Index > Files.
    The All folders pages appears with a list of all folders in Encord.

  1. Click in to a folder.
    The landing page for the folder appears and the View in Explorer button is enabled.
  1. Click the View in Explorer button.
    The Index Explorer page appears.
  1. Click Collections.
    The Collections page appears.
  1. Select the checkbox for the Collection to create a Dataset.

  2. Click Create Dataset.
    The Create Dataset dialog appears.

  1. Specify meaningful content for the following:

    • Dataset Title

    • Dataset Description

  2. Select Split image groups/sequences to extract images from the groups or sequences and add each image separately to the Dataset, if your Collection includes images from a group or sequence.

  3. Select Create Project to create an Annotate Project with the Dataset attached and then provide meaningful content for the following:

  • Project Title

  • Project Description

  1. Click Submit.
    The Subset created successfully dialog appears once creation completes.