2. Create a Dataset

Datasets in Encord are created from the files you upload and define collections of files to be labeled. You can add all files from a single folder to a Dataset or compile a Dataset from files across multiple folders, allowing flexible selection of files for labeling. Each data unit you upload can be included in multiple Datasets.

  1. Click the New dataset button in the Datasets section under the Index heading, to create a new Dataset.
  1. Give your Dataset a meaningful title and description. A clear title and description keeps your data organized.
  1. Click Create dataset to create the Dataset.
    A screen showing the Dataset appears.

  2. Click +Attach existing files.
    A dialog appears.

  1. Select the folders containing the files you want to attach to the Dataset. To select individual files, double-click a folder to see its contents, and select the files you want to add to the Dataset.
  1. Click Attach data to attach the selected data to the Dataset.