When you click the Settings link from the user menu (), you will be directed to the General tab. Use the following tabs to set up your account.

  • General: your user login credentials. This is where you can change your password and set up Multi-Factor Authentication for your Encord user account. Continue below for the details.
  • Integrations: creating and managing cloud storage data integrations.
  • Public keys: creating and managing SDK & API keys.
  • Notifications: creating and managing push notifications.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In addition to your login credentials, Encord recommends that you add the alternate SMS verification to receive SMS for OTP while logging in to the Encord app. You can enrol single or multiple devices for authentication.

  1. From the user menu (), click Settings.
  2. In the General tab, click the Manage Multi-Factor Auth button.
  3. In the Multi-Factor Authentication modal, provide a device name and the phone number that you want to enrol for SMS, and click Send SMS Code.
  4. On enrolling a device for the first time, we may need you to sign out and sign in again to authenticate your verification request.
  5. After signing in again, invoke the Multi-Factor Authentication modal again from the General tab and input your device name and phone number.
  1. Click Send SMS Code and solve a CAPTCHA challenge.
  2. In the next field that appears, enter the SMS code received on your phone, and click Verify SMS Code.
    The new phone is added and listed as an enrolled device in the Manage existing devices tab.

To remove a device, click Remove and use the same steps outlined from 4-7 above.