Open Telekom Cloud

To create an Open Telekom Cloud integration, click the + Add integration button in the Integrations tab.

Select OTC at the top of the chooser.

In order to integrate with Open Telecom Cloud, you will need to:

  1. Create the account to access data in the Object Storage Service.
  2. Give the account read access to the desired buckets by:
  3. Create the integration.

1. Create the account

  1. Log in to the OTC console and navigate to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) dashboard.

  2. Create a new user with Programmatic access.

  1. Download the access key.
  1. Paste the OTC account access ID and the Secret access key into the first step of the OTC integration window in Encord.

2. Give the account read access to your buckets

  1. In OTC, navigate to the bucket and click the Create Bucket Policy button.

  2. Click OK to create the custom bucket policy.

3. (Optional) Configuring CORS

If working with a bucket that has a configured CORS policy, ensure that it allows access from *

4. Create the integration

In Encord, click the Create button at the bottom of the integration pop-up. The integration now appears in the list of integrations.

5. Testing the integration

  1. Click the Run a URL test button to test the integration.
  1. Paste the URL of any object in the bucket and click Check Encord can access this URL. If the test is successful a green tick appears next to Encord infrastructure and This machine.

Creating a Dataset with OTC data

Navigate to the private cloud integration page for guidance on how to create a dataset with data stored in OTC.