Navigating the app

When you log in, you will be presented with the Home dashboard. The navigation bar located on the left hand side of the screen, as shown below, and allows you to navigate to different sections of the Encord web-app.



Collapse the navigation bar by clicking the icon, as seen in the video above.

  • Notification bell (): shows the history and status of recent actions you've taken in the application, such as uploading datasets, training models, or exporting labels.
  • Dark mode switch (): click the icon to force toggle to dark mode, or vice verse, depending on the current state. Note that dark mode inherits from your operating system preferences and settings.
  • User profile menu (): provides access to organizations, user settings, this documentation, and the activity log.

Home dashboard

Your home dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in.

The home dashboard is split into four parts:

  • A: The Activity graph plots daily label counts over a range that can be adjusted in the Range drop-down.
  • B: The Activity log shows a timeline of the most recent labeling activity, with links to the relevant projects.
  • C: Your projects shows a list of your projects. Clicking the View project button will take you to the Project dashboard for that project.
  • D: Your datasets shows a list of your datasets. Clicking View dataset button will take you to the Dataset dashboard for that dataset.

Global search

Click the searchbar (or use the keyboard shortcut cmd or ctrl + K) to search for the following entities within Encord:

  • Projects.
  • Ontologies.
  • Datasets.

As you start typing our search will pick out relevant results based on titles and descriptions. Clicking a result will navigate you to the selected item.

The number of results is shown in the corner, and can be clicked to navigate to the 'List and search' that will display all relevant search results.