Submit study

Encord automatically identifies series belonging to the same study using the Study UID found in the metadata. This allows you to work with DICOM studies.

Before working with DICOM studies in Encord, ensure you take the following steps:

  1. Create one or more Datasets containing the DICOM series you want to label. We recommend creating one Dataset per study. Refer to our best practices for efficient data uploading guidelines.

  2. Create a Manual QA Project, and attach the Dataset(s) containing your DICOM studies to the Project.



You must create a Manual QA Project for study-level workflows.

Submit a DICOM study

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab of your Project.
  2. Enable the Study level workflow toggles in the DICOM section.
  1. Click the Start labeling study button.
    This button is only visible if the Project contains multiple series belonging to the same study.
  1. Optionally, click the View full study button to see all the series in your study.

  2. Create your labels and classifications as you usually would.

  3. Click the Submit study button in the top right corner of the Label Editor.