Agents (BETA)



The Agents feature is currently available in Beta. While in Beta, the feature might not be as stable as our fully released functionalities, and we encourage users to provide feedback to help us improve its performance and reliability.

Agents enable you to integrate your own API endpoint, such as your own model, with Encord to enhance your annotation processes. Agents can be called while annotating in the Label Editor.

1. Register an Agent

To register an Agent in Encord:

  1. Navigate to the Agents tab in the Apollo section of the Encord platform.
  2. Click + Register agent to set up an Agent.
  1. Give the Agent a meaningful name and description.

  2. Enter the API endpoint for the agent. This Endpoint is called when the Agent is run in the Label Editor.

  3. Click Register agent to register the Agent with Encord.

2. Test the Agent

After an Agent is registered, the Agent can be tested. We strongly recommend testing an Agent before using it in the Label Editor.

To test an Agent:

  1. Navigate to the Agents tab in the Apollo section of the Encord platform.

  2. Click the Agent you want to test.

  3. Click Test agent.
    The Test payload is sent to the API endpoint.

    A notification appears telling you whether the API endpoint was reached appears at the top of your screen.

3. Use the Agent in the Label Editor

To use the registered Agent during annotation:

  1. Click Automated labeling in the bottom left of the screen.
    The automated labeling drawer appears.
  1. Open the Agents section of the automated labeling drawer.

  2. Select the Agent you want to use from the dropdown.

  3. Click Trigger agent to trigger the Agent and call the API endpoint.




  1. Right-click the editor canvas.
  2. Click Trigger agent.
  3. Select the agent you want to run.