Sync with Annotate Projects

You have created a Collection and sent the Collection (Dataset) to Annotate. That Collection was created from an existing Project in Annotate or you created a new Project when a Dataset was created in Annotate. The new/existing Project is updated in Annotate. You can then sync the changes in the Project back to Active.

To sync a Project in Annotate with the Project in Active:

  1. Log in to the Encord platform.
    The landing page for the Encord platform appears.

  2. Click Active in the main menu.
    The landing page for Active appears.

  3. Mouseover the Project.
    The More button appears.

  4. Click the More button.
    A menu appears.

  5. Click Sync Project Data.

Next Steps

Data Cleansing/Curation and Label Correction/Validation

Clickable Div 1. Import from Annotate 2. Create Collection 3. Send to Annotate 5. Update Collection

Model and Prediction Validation

Clickable Div 1. Import from Annotate 2. Import Predictions 3. Prediction Metrics 4. Create Collection 5. Send to Annotate 7. Update Collection