Import to Active OS

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Import Your Own Data

To import your own data save your data in a directory and run the command:

encord-active init /path/to/data/directory

A project will be created using the data (without labels) in the current working directory (unless used with --target).

To launch the project in the Encord Active app, run the following command:

cd /path/to/project
encord-active start

You can find more details on the init command in the CLI section.

Import an Encord Project

If you are an Encord user, you can directly import your own projects into Encord Active easily.

encord-active import project

This will import your encord project to a new directory in your current working directory. If you don't have an Encord project ready, you can either

  1. Initialise a project from a local data directory
  2. Import a project from COCO
  3. Download one of our sandbox datasets



If you are new to the Encord platform, you can easily create an Encord account by signing up.

To import an Encord project, you will need the path to your private SSH key associated with the Encord user. See our documentation here.

The command will ask you:

  1. Where is your private ssh key stored?: type the path to your private ssh key
  2. What project would you like to import?: here, you can (fuzzy) search for the project title that you would like to import. Hit Enter when your desired project is highlighted.

Next, encord-active will fetch your data and labels before computing all the metrics available in encord-active. Downloading the data and computing the metrics may take a while. Bare with us - it'll be worth the wait.

When the process is done, follow the printed instructions to launch the app with the start CLI command.

Import Examples

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