Quickstart with Active OS

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Understand Encord Active Open Source in 5 minutes by playing!

The following command downloads a small example project to your current working directory and opens the application straight away. This is the fastest way to explore Encord Active OS.

encord-active quickstart

This command must be run in the same virtual environment where you installed the package.

The next section explains how to download larger and more interesting datasets for exploration.

Sandbox Dataset

If you have more time, we have a few pre-built sandbox datasets with data, labels, and model predictions for you to start exploring Encord Active.

To get started quickly with a sandbox dataset, you can run the following command:

encord-active download

This will allow you to choose a dataset to download. When the download process is complete, you can visualize the results by following the printed instructions.



You can follow the COCO sandbox dataset tutorial to learn more about the features of Encord Active.

Run Encord Active on Google Colab

If you want to explore Encord Active without installing anything on your local machine, you can use the following Google Colab notebooks: