Exploring data and label distributions

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Encord Active provides the capability to visually explore data and label distributions via pre-defined metrics, custom metrics, and label classes.

Gaining insights into data distribution across diverse quality metrics allows for the identification of potential data gaps that could influence model performance on outliers or edge cases.

Static charts

Access the Summary page to utilize the metric distribution charts and explore the 2D Metrics View for data and labels.

In the 2D Metrics View, one metric's values are plotted on the x-axis, while the values of the other metric are represented on the y-axis. This visualization allows for an examination of the relationship between these two metrics and their potential interactions within the data and labels.

The label class distribution can be visualized by selecting the Label Class property from the drop-down menu within the Metric Distribution section on the Label tab.

Interactive exploration

Access the Explorer page and select a quality metric (such as Brightness or Object Annotation Quality) from the Order by drop-down. This menu is located above the natural language search bar and enables data to be organized according to the chosen criteria.

The dashboard displays data distribution based on the selected metric. Navigating through the ordered dataset is possible by progressing through visualized data items. It is also feasible to perform range selections on the distribution chart or apply the chosen metric as a filter and utilize the slider to define a specific range.