Embedding Plots

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The embedding plot in Encord Active is a two-dimensional visualization technique used to represent high-dimensional data in a more interpretable and visually accessible form. By reducing the dimensionality of the data, the embedding plot helps preserve the underlying structure and patterns of the original data.

In the plot, each data point is represented as a single point in the two-dimensional space, with proximity indicating similarity and shared characteristics among corresponding high-dimensional data points. This allows selecting points within a specific rectangular area, enabling a focused analysis of a particular subset of data points.

By defining a rectangular area on the plot, users can quickly isolate and examine the data points that fall within that region. The selection can be based on specific criteria or visual observations, allowing further exploration of attributes or additional analysis on the chosen subset.

This interactive functionality enhances the ability to gain deeper insights into underlying patterns and relationships within the selected area, providing a flexible and intuitive way to analyze and understand the data points within the dataset.

Based on the selected option in the Order by drop-down, users can choose to visualize either the embedding plot for the data or the labels.

Vibrant 2D embedding plot with distinct data points highlighting patterns and clusters



In addition to selecting points within a rectangular area, you can use filters (but not sort or natural language or image search) on the data, labels, or predictions.

  • After using the embedding plot and filtering create a Collection.

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