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Creating a new dataset

Dataset creation flow

To create a new dataset click the New dataset button in the List and search section. This initiates the dataset creation flow - a simple step-by-step process for turning your data files into datasets.

1. Enter details

Give your dataset a title, and optionally a description. A clear title and description will keep your data organized and help collaborators find what they are looking for.

Integrate with your own private cloud data provider by toggling the Private cloud toggle. We provide integrations for Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon's S3 and Open Telekom Cloud.


At least one integration is needed to toggle Private cloud. These can be added in the 'Integrations' tab within 'Settings'. Please refer to the Data integrations documentation for more information.

The Private Cloud Integration section provides more information on how to add private cloud data from an integration.

If you are ready to proceed and upload your data click Create dataset.

2. Upload data

The 'Add data' screen allows you to upload your data files. This can be done from your local machine, or from cloud storage if the Private cloud toggle was enabled on the previous page.

  1. Select the file type you wish to upload
    • If uploading images, make sure to specify whether it is a single image, or an image group
  2. Click the area highlighted in the screenshot above to upload local files. Drag-and-drop is also available.
  • Unsuccessful uploads will result in a red cross being displayed
  • Successful uploads will display a green tick . This means your dataset has been successfully created and you're ready to move on to the next step!

Only videos without audio frames can be added to a dataset. If a video containing audio is uploaded the symbol should appear signifying that the file needs to be re-encoded.