💥 Release Notes 24.05.2024

Annotate, Active, Files, SDK


Admin Access Improvements

Organization admins can now join all Projects , Datasets , Ontologies, and Integrations directly from their respective sections, rather than through the Organization page.

Review Settings

We've added Advanced settings to the Review node, allowing you to adjust review settings like strict review.


Card/Tile Redesign

While in Grid view, you can choose details (metrics, custom metadata, Collection, title) to appear on each card/tile. This redesign enhances the data visibility for your cards/tiles.

Predictions and Labels Display together

We've improved the Predictions page by displaying ground truth labels (labels from Annotate) with your prediction labels.

Prediction Confidence Slider

Introducing the Predictions Min Confidence Threshold slider. The slider allows you to filter predictions based on their confidence level to help when optimizing your model performance.

Model Evaluation Enhancements

We have improved our model evaluation algorithms to provide more accurate model assessments.


Infinite paging

We've added infinite pagination to the Files , allowing for highly performant navigation and access to all your files without needing to click through multiple pages.


Workflow Support

Workflow support in the SDK for both Consensus and non-Consensus Projects. You can assign, approve, reject, submit, and release tasks in your Workflow Projects programmatically. Additionally, you can query tasks by stage in a performant manner. Refer to our SDK documentation for more information.