💥 Release Notes 17.05.2024

Cloud Integrations, Index ,DICOM, Consensus


Cloud Integrations In Organizations

Cloud integrations are now visible and manageable within the Organizations interface. This update provides enhanced control and visibility over integration access.


We've streamlined the file upload process by automatically selecting newly created folders as the target for uploads. Additionally, we've made file tutorials easy to dismiss, hidden legacy "Mirrored" Datasets from the file browser, and exposed tutorials in the right-hand side panel of Files.


We've added multi-series upload support for DICOM files in the UI, allowing you to add files belonging to multiple DICOM series simultaneously. This enhancement improves the efficiency of DICOM file uploads and reduces errors when files from multiple series are included.


  • Review and refine is now an option inside the Consensus REVIEW block. You can now choose between modes for the Consensus block: Refine and review and Determine consensus. Review and refine is the default mode.
  • We have improved the Workflow composer with clearer prompts and queues to prevent losing progress while assembling templates.