💥 Release Notes 13.09.2023

Workflows, Label Editor, Data upload, and others


  • [NEW] Queue Tab: Admins and Team Managers can now manage tasks within Workflow Projects using the new Queue tab. Use the Queue to get a comprehensive overview of all stages and for easy task assignment, initiation, and release.
  • UI/UX Upgrade: Enhanced Workflow Composer simplifies the workflow creation process.

Label Editor

  • Angle Display: Polygon and polyline angles are now visible in the label editor
  • Polygon Brush Tool: Usability improvements.
  • Zoom Behavior: Optimized zoom behavior for DICOM.

Data Upload

  • DICOM File Validation: Enhanced error reporting for DICOM files uploaded via the web-app. Including encoding diagnostics and identification of other upload issue.
  • Import Logs: Clearer messaging for dataset imports using local data, including encoding diagnostics and identification of other upload issue(s).


  • Performance: Speed and performance improvements across the Encord platform.
  • SDK: Refined label upload functionalities.