💥 Release Notes 12.06.2024

Annotate, Consensus, SDK


Auto-Segmentation Tracking

We've introduced auto-segmentation tracking for both bounding boxes and rotatable bounding boxes. This enhancement is designed to speed up your workflow when tracking objects in videos using these shapes.

Task Queue

Now, you have the option to filter tasks in the queue tab by all current exposed statuses, including 'NEW', 'SKIPPED', and 'REOPENED'. This feature provides greater flexibility, allowing users to precisely manage and prioritize tasks based on their specific status.


  • You can now configure ANNOTATE and REVIEW blocks to allow or prevent users from annotating or reviewing tasks they have previously worked on. Use the Advanced settings: Allow task reassessment feature in ANNOTATE and REVIEW blocks to configure the setting.
  • Consensus ANNOTATE and REVIEW blocks no longer require you to assign users to those blocks. This means Consensus blocks now follow the same behavior as non-Consensus blocks.

Label Editor

Each tile in the DICOM label editor now includes its own quick toolbar.