💥 Release Notes 10.05.2024

Consensus, MFA, Integrations, Label Editor, Index

What's New

You asked and we delivered! Reviewers can now select the best labels from all annotators, using the REVIEW and REFINE block. Connecting the No consensus output of a CONSENSUS block to the input of a REVIEW block creates a REVIEW and REFINE block. From the REVIEW and REFINE block, reviewers can select the best labels from any annotator, in the Consensus block, for any object or frame.

Multi-factor authentication for Organizations

You can now require all members in your Organizations to turn on multi-factor authentication. Contact [email protected] to get started with MFA!


Cloud integration access

The new interface offers enhanced control and visibility over user access for each integration. You can now easily add and remove users from integrations, as well as seamlessly view which users are assigned to each cloud integration, ensuring precise management of access permissions.


We're allowing annotating to the X-treme! X-axis label support is now a reality when labeling DICOM series slices. Additionally, we’ve added the option for rendering DICOM slices in their original resolution, which is especially beneficial for work requiring high detail. While native resolution can demand more from system performance on longitudinal volumes, it remains the recommended viewing option for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBTs) and other single-slice modalities to ensure the highest quality imaging.


Dynamic changes incoming! Consensus Projects now feature dynamic attributes in the timeline and the left-hand menu of the Label Editor, enhancing both labeling and reviewing processes.


The updated comments interface has been enhanced to remain visible during annotations, allowing you to view and interact with comments without disrupting your workflow. This new design simplifies the process of adding replies and viewing threads, significantly improving usability.


Action buttons have been introduced in the Files section to enhance visibility and discoverability, streamlining user access to functions from the right-click context menus.