💥 Release Notes 07.03.2024

Bitmask, DICOM, Video

Bitmask Enhancements in Label Editor V2

You can now combine bitmasks using Label Editor V2, streamlining and improving your bitmask annotation process.



The new Label Editor V2 is only available through Encord Labs.

Contact [email protected] for more information and to access Encord Labs.

DICOM import improvements

We've improved the import functionality for DICOM series imports to make them faster and more robust when importing very large series. We're also now providing more comprehensive error messages for invalid DICOM series imports.

Enhanced Video Support

You're now able to annotate your h265 encoded mp4 videos natively in Encord. We've added support for h265 in mp4 containers for Chrome browsers, meaning you no longer need to re-encode your videos before importing them into Encord.