💥 Release Notes 05.01.2024

Platform UI Enhancements, Workflows, Import from CVAT

Platform UI Enhancements

  • Streamlined Project Creation: Create projects faster and more intuitively on a single screen. Select workflows, use templates, and manage ontologies and datasets, all in one place! 🚀
  • Highlight Data Integrations: Data integrations now appear in the main navigation, providing quick access and highlighting their importance in Encord.
  • Improved Homepage: We've improved our landing page to guide you to the most important parts of the Encord platform as quickly as possible.


  • Improved Review Workflow: Tasks rejected in a Review stage can now be moved to additional Review stages to serve as a 'tie-breaker'. For access, reach out to [email protected].
  • Performance Enhancements: Significant performance improvements ensure faster loading and processing of annotation and review tasks in Workflow projects, enhancing overall efficiency.

Import from CVAT

  • Flexible import and Polyline Support for CVAT: CVAT polylines can now also be imported into Encord, ensuring your CVAT polyline labels remain unchanged when you switch to our platform! Adapt your CVAT imports by mapping image file names with names found in the annotation XML, in cases when they don't match exactly.