💥 Release Notes 03.05.2024

SDK, Task Queue, Index, UX Enhancements


  • SDK Data Import - Troubleshooting file uploads is now straightforward with our new error API. Quickly access file URIs when issues arise during file uploads through the SDK.

Task Queue

  • Task Queue Improvements - Enhancements to the task queue now ensure that the order of tasks in the Label Editor accurately reflects the sequence in the Queue tab, even when filtering. Additionally, you can better manage your tasks by organizing the queue by priority or task name, with options to sort in either ascending or descending order.


  • Data Upload - We've simplified the data upload process in Index. Users can now upload data directly from the Files section, or by specifying a folder in the Datasets section. This streamlined approach improves usability by eliminating preliminary attachment steps, making it more straightforward and efficient.
  • Upgrading Mirrored Datasets - You can now seamlessly upgrade your mirrored Datasets to standard folders and Datasets in just a couple of clicks, enabling you to use your data units across multiple Datasets and organize your files into different folders.

UX Enhancements

  • Persistent Auto-Segmentation in Label Editor - When auto segmentation is activated during annotation, remains enabled until it's manually deactivated. This prevents the need for reactivation and provides a seamless annotation experience.
  • Faster classification workflows - A new Label Editor setting enables you to automatically expand classifications. Enhanced hotkey support makes navigating through image classifications lightening fast. ⚡