💥 Release Notes 01.12.2023

Bitmasks, Automated Labeling, Label Editor, Projects and DICOM


  • Threshold brush improvements: The threshold brush feature for Bitmasks has been upgraded to provide more flexibility when choosing a threshold for your label. RGB (red/green/blue) and HSV (hue/saturations/values) thresholds can be applied, allowing you to target specific color ranges with ease. You can also preview your work in transparent and inverted modes in addition to B/W (black and white).
  • Bitmask lock: You can now control how Bitmask labels overlap, ensuring that once a label is created, subsequent Bitmasks do not cover it.

Automated Labeling

  • LLM Automated Labeling: Integration with a Vision-Language Model (VLM) tool enables automatic application of classification labels. All you have to do is define a range of frames for labels to be applied, and the VLM takes care of the rest - prompts are automatically generated based on your ontology. For access and more information, please contact [email protected].

Label Editor

  • Advanced Editor Timeline: The new Editor Timeline simplifies your interaction with instances and objects. It now allows you to select and reposition objects and instances. Additionally, you can combine multiple instances into a single instance directly using the timeline. For access and more information, please contact [email protected].


  • Priorities: We have introduced a priority system for tasks. Each task is assigned a priority value ranging from 0 to 100, ensuring that the most impactful tasks get the attention they deserve.


  • DICOM decoder: We introduced a new DICOM decoder to greatly enhance the handling of DICOM files across various browsers. This advancement offers improved performance, and extensive support for a wide range of imaging formats, eliminating any need to pre-process your DICOM files. For access and more information, please contact [email protected].