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Example use cases and workflows

These are example use cases for different workflows using the notifications feature.

I want to notify my reviewers whenever annotations have finished

You might want to have reviewers receive notifications whenever an annotation is finished, so reviewers can add their review without manually checking whether new annotations have been created.

For this workflow you would

  1. create a new notification
  2. add the projects you are interested in
  3. add all the email addresses or Slack channels where your reviewer would expect them
  4. finally enable the "Task submitted" trigger.

Whenever a task is submitted, a push notification will be sent to the reviewers. A relevant link will be included to direct them to the project page that they need to open.

I want to receive a daily notification about the annotater and reviewer progress on my projects

As a manager, you might be interested in the progress of annotations and reviews in your project.

You can

  1. create a new notification
  2. select relevant projects
  3. select your own email address or preferred Slack channel
  4. enable the "Full digest" trigger.

You will now receive a summary of the last 24h daily at 5pm UTC on your projects. This summary includes every participating annotator and reviewer and their participation statistics.

I want to create custom programmatic integrations after annotation tasks have been completed

You might want to kick off a script or program once a given image group or video has been fully annotated and approved.

In this case you would

  1. create a new notification
  2. select all relevant projects
  3. add a webhook which points to the exact URL where you expect the webhook push notification to arrive
  4. enable the "Task completed" trigger.

Whenever the last label has been approved or a task has been completed without reviews being required, an HTTP message will be sent to the configured webhook endpoints. The payload of the notification can be found here.