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GCP Storage

To get started, please log into your Google cloud account and navigate to the GCP bucket you wish to make available.

Create a service account for Encord#

In the PERMISSIONS tab click on ADD and add as a member with the roles:

  • Storage Object Viewer

  • Storage Object Creator

Creating the integration#

Navigate to your account settings from the dropdown on the top right.

Open the Integrations tab.

Create the integration by selecting GCP, choosing a name for the integration and entering the bucket you wish to make available.

Testing your integration#

To test that Encord can sync with your GCP bucket, click on the sync icon next to the bin icon.

If the sync is successful, you will see a message saying that the integration is functional.

Creating a dataset with GCP data#

Please navigate to datasets for guidance on how to create a dataset with data stored in GCP.