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Direct Access

Direct access integrations enable you to upload data that is meant to be accessed directly from the browser with the provided URL as is. This means that Encord will not sign the URL and relies fully on the customer to provide accurate URLs and, when combining with client-only access, video metadata when adding files to a dataset. Click here for more information on specifying video metadata.


Direct access integrations can't be used to access data with cloud provider user-based access controls.

Direct access integrations allow users to:

  • Create datasets from public data that is accessible without any type of authorization.
  • Use data when routed via private access points or where access to cloud data is controlled, for example, by IP whitelists.

Creating a Direct Access integration

Due to the nature of Direct Access integrations, setting them up is simple compared to cloud provider integrations. See the process outlined below.

  1. Click the + Add integration button in the Integrations tab of the Encord web-app.
  1. Select Direct Access from the list of possible integration types, and click Create.

The new Direct Access integration will now be listed in the 'Integrations' tab.


CORS configurations need to be set up if you intend to add data from a private cloud. Links on how to set up CORS integrations are listed below.

Using Direct Access integrations

To add data to a dataset using Direct Access:

  1. Create a new dataset, and select your Direct Access integration.

  2. Use a JSON file containing metadata to add files from an intranet, or public data to your dataset. Click here for information on how to do this.