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About organizations

Organizations is a feature that allows businesses to manage and keep track of all their users, projects and datasets present on the Encord platform. The feature includes:

  • View users: see the list of users belonging to an organisation
  • User roles: users can be one of a number of types, each with their own permissions
  • View projects/datasets: users can see their projects and datasets which are a part of the organisation
  • Admin capabilities:
    • Change users' roles in an organization
    • Access to all projects and datasets
    • Configure organization-wide settings such as project tags for categorizing projects

Creating an organization#

When you join Encord, we create an entry for your company as an organization into our database, with one or more individuals from your business as administrators of the organization. As part of this process, we take the unique email domains of your company, and 'attach' these to your organization. These unique domains will be used to identify any users from your company who subsequently sign up to our platform.

Joining an organization#

When a user signs up with their email on our platform, we check if the email domain belongs to a known organization. If it does, we add the user to that organization. For example, if '' were to sign up on our platform, we know that '' belongs to Encord, so we add that user to the Encord organization.

The different user types of an organization#

Users of an organization can be categorized into the following types of users:

  • Internal: users who are directly employed by the organization. They have the ability to view the dashboard of the organization and projects/datasets created by them are automatically made a part of the organization. A user can only be an internal user of one organization. Internal users can be further subdivided into:
    • Admin: an admin has executive privileges over an organization, and can carry out actions restricted to other users such as: viewing and accessing all projects in an organization, removing users from an organization and configuring the project tags.
    • Member: a member is an internal user of an organization without administrative capabilities
  • Workforce: users who are employed on a contractual basis. A user can be a workforce user of more than one organization. In order to become one, they must be an internal member of a workforce organization.
  • External: all other types of user not directly or contractually employed by the organization. This category is normally designated for Encord users who sometimes interact with your organization through different projects and datasets. If you need to add an external user, please contact Encord.

Only internal users can be admins of an organization.

The two types of organizations#

An organization is marked in our database as either being a workforce organization, or not a workforce organization. This is determined by us when creating an organization. The significance of this is that any internal user of a workforce organization will additionally become a workforce member of another organization if they are added to a project or dataset belonging to that organization.