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Learn how to export your data from Encord Active

Export to COCO file

The Filter & Export feature allows you to export data according to specific metric values or the tags created during the data exploration process.

After you have created a filtering rule, click on Generate COCO file and sit tight, this can take up to a few minutes depending on the number of samples.

Once the COCO file is generated, the Download filtered data button will unlock. Click it to download the resulting file.


Export to Encord

Additionally, you can also clone the data and labels directly to the Encord labelling platform.

  1. Click the 🏗 Export to Encord button
  2. Choose an ontology, dataset and project title
  3. Pres the ➕ Create button

The data will be exported to Encord. You can follow the progress in the bottom of the page.



Every image and video selected will be cloned with all labels associated to them.