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Migrating Data to Encord

If the standard solutions for importing data do not fit your use-case, your best option is to migrate your data to the Encord Annotate before importing it into Encord Active.

There are a couple of options for doing this:


If you do not have an Encord account, we would be happy to help you getting started! Please contact us via the Slack community or by shooting us an email on We will be happy to provide you with an account to get you started.

Import data from CVAT

If you have a CVAT project already, you can import your data into Encord easily by following these steps:

  1. Set up public key authentication with Encord
  2. Import CVAT project via the SDK or Import COCO using Encord Active

Again, if you need help, don't be shy to reach out on the Slack community!

Migrating Data from Your Own Project


🔥 This is less straight forward and will require some coding!

The steps you need to take to import your local data into the Encord platform is:

  1. Set up public key authentication with Encord
  2. Follow step 1-3 in this tutorial to set up a project with Encord.
  3. (optional: if you want to also import labels) Follow this tutorial to import your labels into Encord.