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Importing Encord Project

If you already have a project on Encord Annotate, you can import that project with the following command:

encord-active import project

This will import a project to new folder in your current working directory. If you prefer to specify a different directory, use:

encord-active import project --targe /path/to/store/project

This will import the project into a subdirectory of /path/to/store/project.


If you don't have an Encord Annotate project already, you can find other ways to import your local data here.


If you are new to the Encord platform, you can easily sign up for an Encord account.

To be able to import an Encord project, you will need the path to your private ssh-key associated with Encord (see documentation here).

The command will ask you:

  1. Where is your private ssh key stored?: type the path to your private ssh key
  2. What project would you like to import?: here, you can (fuzzy) search for the project title that you would like to import. Hit enter when your desired project is highlighted.

Next, encord-active will fetch your data and labels before computing all the metrics available in encord-active.

When the process is done, follow the printed instructions to open the app or see more details in the Open Encord Active page.