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Encord Active keeps some configurable properties to prevent repetitive input prompts.

The config file is stored at:

  • Linux: ~/.config/encord-active/config.toml
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/encord-active/config.toml
  • Windows: %APPDATA%/encord-active/config.toml

And these are the configurable properties.

ssh_key_path = "/absolute/path/to/ssh-key" # A key to use when accessing Encord projects

All properties are empty by default and are saved after the first time the user is prompted to provide them.

The CLI also provides the config command which allows list/get/set/unset configurations.

Usage examples

encord-active config list

# output (only if already set)
ssh_key_path = "/Users/foo/.ssh/encord"
encord-active config get ssh_key_path

# output
ssh_key_path = "/Users/foo/.ssh/encord"
encord-active config set ssh_key_path ~/.ssh/encord

# output
Property `ssh_key_path` has been set.
encord-active config unset ssh_key_path

# output
Property `ssh_key_path` was unset.

# note: next the property is needed a prompt will appear