Split Projects

The following script splits a source Project into a number of child projects, each containing a specified number of labels from the source Project. The number of child Projects created depends on the total number of labels contained in the source Projects, and how many labels each child Project contains.



The script can be re-run if it fails, since it checks for existing Project names before creating new Projects.

In the main function of the following script, ensure that you:

  • Replace <private_key_path> with the file path to your private key.
  • Replace <project_hash> with the hash of the Project you want to split.
  • Replace <projectsize> with the maximum number of labels you want each child Project to contain.
  • Replace <start_number> with the index of the child Project you would like the code to start from. For example, if there are 5 child Projects, <start_number> = 1 will start from the second Project.
# import dependencies
import typer
from encord import EncordUserClient, Project
from encord.objects import LabelRowV2
from pathlib import Path

# Prepare target Projects
def get_destination_projects(user_client: EncordUserClient, source_project: Project, n_target_projects: int) -> List[Project]:
    dest_project_ids = []
    for idx in range(n_target_projects):
        target_title = source_project.title + f" slice {idx + 1}" 
        if found_projects := user_client.get_projects(title_eq=target_title):
            if len(found_projects) > 1:
                print(f"A few projects with name {target_title} found. Can't proceed, as target name should be unique.")
            if found_projects:
                dest_project_id = found_projects[0]["project"]["project_hash"]
        dest_project_id = source_project.copy_project(copy_datasets=True, copy_collaborators=True, new_title=target_title)

    print(f"Destination project ids: {dest_project_ids}")
    return [user_client.get_project(project_hash=p) for p in dest_project_ids]

# Prepare data for new Projects
def get_destination_label_row(destination_project: Project, data_hash: str) -> LabelRowV2:
    result = destination_project.list_label_rows_v2(data_hashes=[data_hash])
    if not result:
        print("No such data hash in the destination project, something wrong!")
    return result[0]

# The main function. Substitute your variables here
def main(ssh_key: Path = "<private_key_path>", source_project: str = "<project_hash>", target_project_size: int = <project_size>, continue_from: int = <start_number>, ):

    user_client = EncordUserClient.create_with_ssh_private_key(

    project = user_client.get_project(project_hash=source_project)
    n_items = len(project.list_label_rows_v2())
    n_target_projects = int(n_items / target_project_size) + 1

    print(f"Project {project.title} has {n_items} entries.")
    if n_target_projects < 2:
        print("Nothing to do!")
    print(f"Splitting source project into {n_target_projects} of size {target_project_size}")

    destination_projects = get_destination_projects(user_client, project, n_target_projects)

    source_label_rows = project.list_label_rows_v2()
    for idx, (src_label_row, destination_project) in enumerate(zip(source_label_rows, [p for p in destination_projects for _ in range(target_project_size)])):
        if continue_from > idx:


        dst_label_row = get_destination_label_row(destination_project, src_label_row.data_hash)

        src = src_label_row.to_encord_dict()

        dst = dst_label_row.to_encord_dict()
        dst['object_answers'] = src['object_answers']
        dst['classification_answers'] = src['classification_answers']
        dst['object_actions'] = src['object_actions']
        dst['data_units'] = src['data_units']

        print(f"{idx + 1}/{len(source_label_rows)}: '{src_label_row.data_title}' labels copied to project {destination_project.title}")

# Run the main function
if __name__ == "__main__":