Locating files across Datasets and Projects

Files allows you to easily locate data, and learn how it is being used across Datasets and Projects in Encord.

To see which Datasets a data unit has been added to:

  1. Navigate to, and select the data unit you want to locate in Files.



Use the search bar to search for a specific file.

  1. Once the data unit is selected, click the Linked to tab on the right of the screen.
    The total number of Datasets the file is linked to, along with their names is shown.

To see which Projects a Dataset is attached to:

  1. Click the ellipses icon next to the name of a Dataset.
  1. Select View dataset.
    A view of the Dataset appears.

  2. Navigate to the Settings tab of the Dataset.

  3. Select Linked projects to see a list of all Projects the Dataset is attached to.