In the Integrations section of the Encord platform, click +New integration to create a new integration.
The integration dialog appears.

Step 1: Create an IAM policy

  1. In the Encord platform click Wasabi at the top of the integration dialog.

  2. Give your integration a meaningful name.

  3. Copy the JSON from step 1 of the integration.

  1. In Wasabi, navigate to Policies and create a new policy.
  1. Paste the JSON you copied from the Encord platform into the Policy Editor, replacing the YourBucket with the name of your bucket. Ensure that the Resource value ends in /*.



If you do not plan on using features that require write permissions, such as re-encoding data and creating image sequences, s3:PutObject can be omitted.

  1. Click Create policy.

2. Create users for Encord integration access

  1. In Wasabi, navigate to the Users section and click Create user.
  1. Make sure to select the Programmatic access type. This will generate an API Access Key for the newly created user.

  2. Assign the policy created in step 1 to the user.

  3. Click Create user.

  1. Download the Access Key as a CSV and save it in a secure location.
    The CSV contains the Account access key ID and Account secret access key.

3. Add the Access Key to Encord

  1. In the Encord platform, paste the Account access key ID and Account secret access key into step 2 of the Wasabi integration window.
  1. Select the region in which you created your bucket.

  2. Click Create to create your Wasabi integration.