💥 Release Notes 05.07.2024

Files, Global Search, Customer Support, SDK


Improved Search UX

We've enhanced the search user experience within the Files section by allowing you to explicitly choose the scope of your search. You can now select whether you want to search within all folders or only specific folders.


Global Search

The global search is now conveniently located in the left-hand side navigation menu.

Customer Support

New Support Widget

We've introduced a new customer support widget with a fresh design that significantly enhances your overall user experience.


Workflow TaskStatus

We have introduced a “status” field for Workflow tasks, indicating the current status of the task, such as “NEW,” “ASSIGNED,” and “RELEASED”. You can now filter tasks using the “status” field in the workflow_stage.get_tasks() call. To read more from the SDK reference material go here and to learn how to filter tasks by status go here.

Automatic Task Assignment

Tasks moved using Encord's SDK are now automatically assigned to Tasks to the person executing the task.submit(), streamlining task management and assignment processes.