💥 Release Notes 02.02.2024

Label Editor, Workflows, DICOM

Label Editor

  • Label Editor Interface Improvements: The new editor menu in the top left corner of the Label Editor consolidates frequently used editor actions into a single, accessible location and reduces the chance of unintended clicks forcing you out of the Label Editor.


  • Further Workflows Performance Enhancements: Large Workflow Projects have received a significant upgrade - actions such as loading tasks, and submitting annotations are now up to 5x faster! 🏎️


  • DICOM MPR And Bitmask Annotation Enhancements: You can now annotate Bitmask labels in DICOM MPR views. Additionally, use the cylinder brush tool and control slice thickness to annotate in multiple slices at once from any DICOM view in a powerful step towards 3D labelling capability. These features are available via Encord Labs — contact Encord for access!
  • Custom DICOM overlay support: Tailor the display of metadata in the Label Editor to conveniently access the information you need while annotating.