Direct access

Direct access integrations enable you to upload data to Encord without requiring Encord to sign the URLs. Consequently, customers are tasked with providing direct, pre-signed URLs when utilizing a direct access integration. Direct access integrations support all data modalities.



Direct Access integrations are often paired with Strict client-only access for enhanced security when supplying private cloud data.This combination ensures the highest level of data protection: Strict client-only access prevents Encord from accessing your data, while Direct Access keeps Encord from signing the URLs, maintaining your data's confidentiality. However, when Strict client-only access in enabled, all features relying on data conversion cannot be used.



Direct access integrations cannot be used to access data with cloud provider user-based access controls.

Use cases

  1. Public Dataset Aggregation: Researchers or analysts may need to aggregate public datasets from various sources for analysis or modeling purposes. Direct access integrations allow them to seamlessly gather data from publicly accessible sources without the need for authentication, simplifying the data acquisition process.

  2. Third-Party Data Integration: Businesses often rely on third-party data providers for enriching their datasets or enhancing analytical insights. With direct access integrations, organizations can easily incorporate data from external sources by providing pre-signed URLs, streamlining the integration process and enabling timely access to valuable data.

  3. Private Data Access: Organizations may have proprietary datasets stored in private cloud environments with restricted access controls, such as IP whitelists. Direct access integrations with Strict client-only access enable authorized users to directly upload and access this data in Encord without compromising security or violating access policies.

  4. Data protection: Direct access paired with Strict client-only access ensures compliance with stringent security requirements and regulatory standards, at the expense of some of Encord's more advanced features.

Creating a Direct Access integration

Click Add integration, in the Integrations section, to create a new integration.

Select Direct Access from the list of possible integration types, and click Create.

After a Direct Access integration is created, it can be used to add data to a Dataset.



CORS configurations must be set up if you intend to add data from a cloud provider. Links on how to set up CORS integrations are listed below.