💥 Release Notes 21.06.2024

Annotate, Files, DICOM


NIfTI Support

We've introduced native support for Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative (NIfTI) files in our Label Editor, expanding our capabilities for neuroimaging data.

Auto-segmentation tracking for DICOM

Auto-segmentation tracking is now available for DICOM series, streamlining your workflow when labeling DICOM series. Use the 'Shift + T' keyboard shortcut to track an object across multiple slices.

Label Copy/Paste Enhancement

Copying and pasting objects in the Label Editor now preserves the rotation of rotating bounding boxes, ensuring consistency when duplicating elements.


Improved UX

We've enhanced the user experience of the Files section by applying ascending order sorting by default for files in Folders. Additionally, we've added sorting options like 'by name' and 'last modified' for better file management.

Cloud Integrations

Expanded Support

We've added more cloud storage integration options including Wasabi, MinIO, and Oracle's cloud.