💥 Release Notes 15.11.2023

Workflows, Label Editor, and Encord Labs


  • Edit Review: Reviewers now have the ability to edit annotations directly instead of outright rejecting them. This enhances the efficiency of the review process by allowing immediate corrections, thereby saving time.
  • Label versioning: Saving label versions enables the creation of snapshots for specific subsets of labels, which can be exported or referenced in the future. This allows you to track changes over time, enhancing quality control and offering improved oversight of annotators' work.
  • Label Export: All label actions are now taken in the Labels tab where you can conveniently export the latest state of your labels as well as previously snapshotted label versions.
  • Improved Composer UI: Enhancements to the Workflow Composer include a smoother experience in building Workflows and Templates. Components are now connected with colored, non-overlapping lines for clearer visualization of Workflows - making the composer more user friendly by reducing confusion and the possibility of errors while setting up a Workflow.

Label Editor

  • Pixelated Scaling: The Pixelated scaling feature prevents browsers from automatically smoothing edges when zooming into a frame or image, helping annotators create precise and pixel-perfect annotations.
  • Bitmask Updates: The improved Threshold brush tool now supports RGB and HSV thresholds. A new feature highlights pixels above the threshold in white for clearer previews - improving annotation accuracy, especially for darker images.
  • SAM Updates: SAM (Segment Anything Model) is now available for the Bitmask annotation type, providing a convenient way of applying bitmask annotations.
  • [Improved Performance]: Enhanced Label Editor performance now accommodates larger volumes of labels. For access and more information, please contact [email protected].

General Platform Enhancements

  • AI Help Bot: The AI Help Bot is fully integrated into the Encord platform, offering immediate assistance for your queries without the need to leave the platform. We even use it internally when we have questions about our platform (usually when responding to customer support queries 🤣)!
  • Encord Labs: Encord Labs offers select customers advanced and Beta features. For access and more information, please contact [email protected].