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Learn how to submit your data for labeling in Encord Annotate

When examining your project data, you might come across labels that appear incorrect or are missing altogether. With Encord Active, you have the ability to highlight such data and seamlessly transfer it to Encord Annotate, at the dedicated labeling stage for your project. This empowers annotators to address any missing elements and enhance the overall quality of your labels, ensuring a more accurate and comprehensive data annotation process.

Steps to send data to the labeling stage

  1. [Optional] Use the filter feature from the toolbox in the Data Quality or Label Quality Explorer section to choose the desired data. data-quality-explorer-filter-by-tag
  2. Access the Action tab from the toolbox in the Data Quality or Label Quality Explorer section. toolbox-action-tab
  3. Click the 🖋 Re-label button. toolbox-action-tab-relabel-button
  4. Verify the number of tasks ready for submission to the labeling stage is correct and press the Confirm button.
  5. [Optional] Navigate to the project in Encord Annotate and explore the task modifications in the Summary tab.

    Before sending the tasks to labeling


    After sending the tasks to labeling


The re-label feature is currently limited to workflow projects.

To upgrade your project to a workflow project, please reach out to us via Discord or email. Our team will be happy to assist you with the necessary steps and provide further guidance.